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“Welcome to War On Epilepsy, Where Innovation meets Life changing outcomes for the many, not just the few.

Our Mission Includes bridging the gap between the patient, The carer, The wider and extended support system and the Medical community.

Advocating & championing Technology for good In what is the begining of a Fourth/ Digital revolution.

We bridge that gap between complex medical challenges.

Among what we do Is develop & pioneer Technologies that can help tackle Disabilities and everyday physical limitations, making the world more truly accessible for all.

We aim to help everyone access the right support for them as an Individual.

From our state of the art Technology and AI solutions.

We aim to be able to aid with providing a greater Insight into Patient Care from the journey each patient takes to how day to day life can Impact on their wider Health not just the Pyschogical but Pyshological & emotional too.

This allows us to work with medical professionals, charties and the social care system.With the Information & real time Insights, The Medical & support teams along with the patient their families and/ or carers & wider support network are able Identify, equally as Important monitor & keep track of treatments their progress, any reactions or negative side effects even alter treatments accordingly to find the most effective and Impactful Treatments for each patient.

After all as you may know, no two people are the same, There is no one size fits all. It’s about tailored and personalised care through the use of data and Intelligent technology to provide real time & real world insight.

Compiling such data gives us the ability to unify datasets which provide real time Intelligence, With this data we are able to build data and evidence Into Alternative and non conventional treatment pathways. 

We give patients more Input, Influence and control in their own care. War On Epilepsy is here to bring Medicine Into the digital age! 

Putting the patient at the heart of what we do and why we do It.”

Empower Everyone to Do More Be More Achieve More. 

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